Thursday, 3 April 2014

Farcry 3: The Long Way Around

[Part of the Diary of a Marked One]

We next found ourselves having to delay a diamond trade that was going down at a nearby village, just to mess with the Captain's plans. This first involved moving a small train out of the way since it was blocking our only path forward (the tunnel it was parked in) which called a small army of pirate scum bearing down on us. Once they were out of the way we had a small sniping competition, followed by another bridge explosion task. Carrying those heavy bombs really relies on team work since the carrier really is quite helpless.

The next big challenge was traversing a cave that happened to have another pirate army camped within. Seriously, how many of the freaks are there and where are they coming from? I thought I already killed most of the population on this island earlier... oh well. Clearing that took a bit of doing, and only once we got out the other side did we reach the village where the exchange was going to take place.

If only we had... ANY of these!

After knifing the guards we took up position to ambush the convoy which involved having to rocket a number of jeeps, while avoiding a pack of dogs and a large group of shotgun wielding maniacs. Turned out that they had the right idea. The difficulty seemed to ease a lot when I began using their own guns against them. In the end, the village was just filled with dead bodies... and a pile of diamonds, which we buried for safekeeping ofcourse. Not letting those go to waste!

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