Friday, 19 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Better than the Best

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Monia never understood the need for The Battle of a Hundred Hands, a last man left standing event held on the Volcanic Isles, but it served to be the easiest place to track down her prey. The Cult of Kosmos had doubled the bounty on the Eagle Bearer after he recently sunk another of their fleets, but who do you send to hunt the best? Those who are better.

Past Tier One was a roster of four more "secret" ranks, and Monia being a Secret 2 traversed the battle field with ease finding Alexios right out in the open just as he finished another batch of competitors. It was only at the last second that he managed to dodge Monia's grenade, rolling right into her shoulder charge which knocked him on flat his back.

He recovered just in time to evade her blade finisher, and countered with the same moves he used to win against Exekias. It wasn't as effective on Monia as she was only slightly injured. Seeing this and running out of steam, he quickly fled with the Secret 2 merc easily keeping pace behind him. To her surprise, he ran straight into another large cluster of Hundred Hands contestants and began slaying them.

Monia joined the skirmish but suddenly found Alexios reinvigorated, parrying and dodging perfectly and worse - able to spam his Minotaur axe overpower attack. Even all her preparation couldn't withstand that so she began to back off but it was too late. She was in range. The axe came down on her... again... and again... and again... and again...

The axe is so strong is distorts reality!

Insight: Contrary to logic, you thrive in mass combat as long as most of your enemies are fodder as they feed you a lot of adrenaline per attack combo, parry and dodge to fuel your bigger attacks. For this same reason always kill wildlife in your way (this includes goats and deer), to keep your Eagle Bearer "excited". You will get penalized for harming domestic animals though. 

Using the overpower attack of the Minotaur axe makes the most use of this, though if you are hidden using rush assassination to "bounce" between a strong enemy and others (or 2 strong enemies) is a good way to deal tremendous damage.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Tier One

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

"I see you stabbed Diona," said Exekias slowly approaching Alexios with his twin maces drawn. "I think many people have 'stabbed' Diona," retorted the Eagle Bearer as he retrieved his blade from the beautiful cultist's neck whose blood now seeped onto the stones of the Aphrodite overlook. "I'm ready for you this time Exekias!"

"I would hope so, Arena Champion," spoke Odainathos with his halberd drawn and flanking his ex-captain. "Don't look so surprised. Most cultists are cultists for life."

"Then it's time I end yours!"

With a sudden burst of speed Alexios brought the Minotaur axe down to bear on both his attackers with an overpower attack. It's unearthly might smashed through their defenses badly wounding Odainathos and half killing Exekias. They tried their best to retaliate, but missed as the Eagle Bearer just dodge rolled between them... and then swept the champions leg from under him.

Sweep the leg!

Just like that, both opponents were slain and Alexios took the mantle of Tier One.

Insight: It pays to change your skill allocations when the situation calls for it. The monetary cost is pretty low in the overall scheme of things.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

AC Odyssey: A Story of Theseus

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Volunteering to be one of the "sacrifices", Theseus approached the entrance of the Labyrinth with his sword hidden underneath his tunic. At the entrance, he tied one end of the ball of string he was carrying so that he could find his way out again and then proceeded into the maze, always going downwards. Never left or right. There in the deepest pit he found the monstrous minotaur and after an epic battle slew the beast.

Unfortunately that last part was a lie.

The labyrinth looked like just the place to hide away from his many pursuers, the latest of which was the tier 2 Agafya the Smouldering whom he had great difficulty defeating. Her flaming mace was a nice reward though, and now illuminated the dark, corpse filled tunnels. It was then that Alexios came upon the beast... the minotaur was very much alive and was ready for an epic battle against the Eagle Bearer!

Totally historical. Honest!

Through perseverance and good timing Alexios proved the victor and put an end to the monster, who turned out to be more than meets the eye.

Insight: There are a few actual monsters in this game but the minotaur has the best fight, and the best reward. The minotaur axe became my mainstay weapon for the rest of the game, mainly because of the reduced cost to perform the overpower near-unblockable attacks.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Most Wanted

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

From atop his horse Exekias could see a ragged group of workers frantically set about repairing the Adrestia, beached upon a hidden cove. Despite the improvements that had been made on the ship, the Athenian Navy, bolstered by mercenary vessels, triumphed against it and the invading Spartans. Judging from the damage, the Adrestia barely escaped.

Dual simultaneous boarding is the best type of boarding!

A loud horn and a pillar of smoke over the hill caught the rider's attention as he kicked his horse into a trot. It was a signal flare of the nearby fort and most likely caused by the Eagle Bearer having been detected there. Sure enough, soldiers and mercs were scurrying up onto the battlements when Exekias arrived. Most just ended up falling back down as corpses. The warrior was happy enough to wait below.

When it finally stopped raining bodies, the Eagle Bearer leaped down and suddenly noticed the helmed rider quietly watching him.  While numerous mercenaries occupied the lower tiers, only one person was classified as tier 1 - Exekias the Legend, the most renowned warrior in all the land.

"Malaka," swore Alexios under his breath.

Insight: It pays to upgrade your boat, and a good way to get resources is to buy them from each blacksmith you encounter. They are available at the end of the "to buy" list.

Monday, 15 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Ambush at Kos

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Lavrentios watched from a rooftop as Alexios made his way to the beach side square of Kos. He had spent some time and a good amount of drachmae organizing the welcome party for his "friend". A friend whose death would see him earn a king's bounty from the Cult of Kosmos. Apparently, Alexios has been busy hunting down and executing their members all across Greece.

Right on schedule, the three other mercenaries he hired moved out of their hiding spots. These were tier 4 warriors, and would be unlike any other Alexios had previously encountered. At the same time, marching feet signaled the arrival of the Spartan leader of Kos and all of his elite bodyguards, to seal the deal as it were.

Confident that his prey was now surrounded and doomed, Lavrentios appeared from the balcony - his long hair swaying in the sea breeze. "Sorry Alexios!" he yelled down with a shrug. "It's time to die!"

All the warriors attacked in unison: spears, maces, swords, and arrows targeting one man. Most missed or were parried but those that hit certainly knocked the wind out of the Eagle Bearer. With a burst of speed, Alexios suddenly cut through the Spartan line and ran into the narrow streets of the village.

So many mercs!

"After him!" cried Lavrentios, not realizing he was funneling the Spartans to their doom. A narrow alley negated their superior numbers and when the heavily armored mercenaries got there, all they found were corpses, including that of the leader of Kos.

Lavrentios then made his second mistake. He and the mercenaries split up to look for their prey. Using hit and run tactics, Alexios wore them all down, killing them until only Lavrentios was left.

Knees trembling and urine staining his tunic, Lavrentios didn't notice that Alexios was on the balcony above him. Without any ceremony, the Eagle bearer leaped down onto him and shoved his spear through Lavrentios' face.

Insight: Evasion is easy especially in places with lots of cover. While its best to be crouched hiding in a bush, remember that they also block line of sight, provided you are crouched behind them - even if you aren't in them yet.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Recruitment

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

"I don't believe this!" exclaimed the Chimera as she took another swing of wine and paced her small beach campsite under the watch of her lone towering body guard. "Not only do we have a crazed misthios hunting our other Kosmos members, but we happen to run into an actual, living and hungry cyclops here - on this island that's meant to have the mystical forge!"

"It must be here. That monster must be guarding something." muttered Odainathos as he removed and examined his damaged helmet. The rest of the expedition was not so lucky having fallen prey to the one eyed menace.

The Chimera, whose real name wasn't even known to him for security reasons, just scoffed and headed inside her tent. "I need to think!" she yelled back. He knew she actually meant she needed more drink, but it wasn't his place to question.

Deciding his helmet wasn't salvagable he tossed it aside and looked to the Chimera's tent, only to see her head rolling back out of it closely followed by the misthios he had heard so much about - the Eagle Bearer.

"Looks like you are having a rough day," said the misthios to the lone guardian.

"Not rough enough," replied Odainathos as he picked up his halberd and charged. The Eagle Bearer floored him with a punch in under ten seconds, but instead of meeting his end the misthios offered his hand instead.

"I like your spirit. Join my crew and help me destroy the Cult of Kosmos."

Odainathos accepted.

Insight: As long as the last damage you deal to an enemy to deplete his health bar is non-fatal, you can just knock down people. And recruit them to your crew! Took me awhile to learn about that.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Terrain Advantage

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

In was a ludicrous spot to fight, yet that's where Tycharios found himself in combat against the Eagle Bearer - atop a lone standing marble pillar in ruins positioned on a mountain top. No doubt his opponent was trying to hit him off it with his dual poisoned daggers but as a mid-tier mercenary that trick would not work.

Somehow the Eagle Bearer still had the upper hand though, dodging within such a small space and letting his poison do its damage. Suddenly a cry came from below. "Get down!"

Tycharios instinctively leaped off in an Olympics worthy twisting back flip, just as an arrow laden with explosive powder detonated the top of the pillar - sending it and the Eagle Bearer crashing down to the ground.

"Switch!" yelled the archer, his equal ranked sister Airlea, as she threw her bow and quiver to him. Without missing a beat, he caught the gear and fired another explosive arrow at their target, sending him rolling off the mountain top.

Tycharios then fell to one knee in a coughing fit due the poison in his veins. "Stay here," commanded Airlea as she set her sword on fire and sprinted down the mountain. "I've got this."

Not willing to be dead weight, Tycharios hobbled over to the edge where he could see his sister now in the marsh below, fighting a sleuth of bears!  Despite being out numbered, her flaming blade killed them all but the fight had taken its toll and with a sudden blur of movement from the reeds the Eagle Bearer had back stabbed her.

Lucky for the bears, she wasn't mounted.
For some reason they are hopeless against horseback combatants.

Tycharios could do nothing as he watched Airlea try fight back in vain. Unlike the bears, the Eagle Bearer knew how to douse her flaming weapon in the swampy ground and soon killed the already half-dead woman.

In a rage Tycharios sent down a rain of explosive arrows but none could find their mark as the Eagle Bearer drew closer and closer up the hill. With panic setting in, he dropped the bow and climbed atop his sister's horse to escape but soon had something strike him from behind... an arrow. He would not feel the next one which went through the back of his head.

Insight: There are no points for honorable combat. Make the most of what you have around you!