Friday, 3 July 2020

Inner Space

It's also as infinite as Outer Space?

Within the hollow planet lies ancient relics just waiting to be discovered, and what better way to get them than as a strange glider/submarine? Now this game is quite trippy and is really more of a flight simulator than anything else.

There are some really nice areas, and thankfully your glider is way tougher than it appears. It's clear this game was designed with a gamepad controller in mind though, as it is simply frustrating when played with a keyboard. Also, the freedom / requirement to fly and swim in every direction also can get disorientating, more so than Horace!

Which way is up?

Not one I'd actually recommend as most flight sim fans probably want some action with their simulation - though I suppose if they want a relaxing time, this might be the ticket - as long as they have the proper controller. I give it 1.5 sunfish out of 5.

Insight: Use the "slow" button regularly.

Thursday, 2 July 2020


The robot who could.

This pixel platformer does an incredible job of not just telling an interesting story, but constantly teaches and tests the player while doing so. It also has some really good use of classical music!

I also appreciate the one second "death" cut scene on failure, as it works as a hand wave to keep you playing and to try again. Unfortunately, this hand wave still sets you back at the start of each area, which is a real pain in the larger zones especially when you are forced to start back tracking.

The back tracking begins!

The only time back tracking should be implemented is if it's fun. Unfortunately, in this game (like in most other platformers) it is not. It also gets very dizzying very quickly. An interesting one to try out for sure, and certainly one for platform players. I give Horace 2.5 pieces of junk out of 5.

Insight: Once you have the grav-boots, always remember to try jump to the roof above you if you get stuck.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020



In the world of crazy platformers, Gonner certainly floats near the top of the list in the WTF department. Run through procedurally generated levels, shoot the overwhelming number of baddies, and collect fun things for your whale friend.

This... is about as much story as you're gonna get.

While it's also geared for a gamepad, this handles pretty well on a keyboard too - though your character is quite fragile which makes the more enemy heavy levels quite the challenge. Worth trying if you like shooting platformers, but this one was just too strange for me to get into. I give it 2 ^_^ out of 5.

Insight: You can hurt/kill enemies by hopping on their heads too!

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

June 2020 Review: Back to It

Last month saw the end of isolation where I live and am now back to working in the office. Not much else to report so on to the task list...

   End 2020 with less weight (0 kg from last month, running total: +7 kg)
   Make 1 web comic page (that didn't happen)
   Make a board game (narp!)

Just Cause 4 [free from Epic Games]
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms [free on Steam]
Sid Meier's Civilization VI [free from Epic Games] (done)
Fallout Shelter [free from Steam] (had enough)
+Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [free from Epic] (done)
+Sludge Life [free from Epic] (done)
+Overcooked [free from Epic]
+Ark: Survival Evolved [free from Epic] (file size unreasonable for download)
+Samurai Shodown: Neogeo Collection [free from Epic] (had enough)
+Pathway [free from Epic] (finished)
+Hitman: Absolution [free from GOG] (finished)
+Zombie Army Trilogy [gift]
+GTFO [gift]
+AER Memories of Old [free from Epic]
+Stranger Things 3 [free from Epic]
+Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop [free from Steam]
+Dishonored 2 [gift]
+Resident Evil 2 [gift]
+Metro Exodus [gift]
+Metal Gear Survive [gift]
+Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Season Pass [gift]

Board games:
Zombicide: Black Plague (10/11)
Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm (3/6)


One Year Ago

I was playing Kingdom Come Deliverance and was trying out writing about mechanics rather than my usual story narration.

Five Years Ago

I was trying out the MMO Entropia Universe. Didn't get very far since free players couldn't really do much once they ran out of resources.

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So much to do and so little time! Stay safe and be good!

Monday, 29 June 2020

Farming Simulator 19

Where farming is hard!

I never knew being a modern farmer was so difficult! Clearly the most enjoyable parts are driving all the big toys across the fields to either plow, sow, harvest, and such but throw in balancing the accounts and loans, deciding on what machines/fields to buy/rent - how many staff to hire and how to build up your farm can really do your head in!

Each machine has their own set of special controls too.

Good thing you can do jobs for your neighboring farmers to get some capital but geez, I am surprised at the level of complexity involved here. Obviously a management game at heart, this one isn't for me - but with good graphics, decent controls, and obviously being the "19th" game in the series - this game knows who its audience is.

If that is you, then go for it! For everyone else I give this 2 weeds out of 5.

Insight: Cruise mode is your friend.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Offworld Trading Company

The Earth is dying. Time to make a profit!

As an employee for one of the very different factions your job is to establish a trading post on a distant planet. In fact the start feels very much like Surviving Mars, only this game makes it easier, and is basically better all around.

The very informative tutorial lets you play with all the structures available, which aren't very many - but their positioning, and how you use them is key to controlling a monopoly on the planet. Yes, you will have competitors - all of whom are willing to dip into black market tactics to get the upper hand and maybe even buy you out!

Lots of information but all of it always available.

You must also manage trade through the markets which is easily done since it is always on screen. I am really impressed at how much information they get on their functional playing space in general, and all up - I think this game is definitely one worth trying if you like competitive sim games (you can play against AI or other players too).

Not one for me, but I enjoyed my time with it. I give it 3 pleasure domes out of 5!

Insight: Scout your starting location well while keeping in mind what your faction actually uses.

Saturday, 27 June 2020


Unlike any other! Well, its like those other two...

This online "card" game involves the stock standard notion of having two people duel using their potentially customized cards to deploy units and basically hurt their opponent. If this sounds like Hearthstone it sort of is, but Faeria includes a hexagonal land creation component that also somewhat steals from Magic the Gathering.

The land tiles do add some tactics though, as your forces can only spawn on tiles you generated - and in some cases can only spawn if you generated enough of a particular color. Then they have to physically march across (in turn based fashion) to take down your enemies. It's good fun!

Some levels are also just straight out puzzles.

One I can recommend for people who like this sort of game, it's just annoying that there's the online shop has such a prevalent presence on the main hub. I give it 2.5 yaks out of 5.

Insight: You can spawn land adjacent to your controlled lands OR adjacent to one of your creatures. This means get a friendly near your opponent and you can setup a spawn point to assault him from.