Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Vengeance

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

An ex-raider medic named Hurt is found back at Bunker Gamma and she manages to fix Jo and Frances' wounds from the disastrous previous outing. There is not much time to rest as Dekker orders her to take the offensive and attack a super mutant facility being powered by large generators.

Brian and Frances opt to take four deathclaws who for some reason have decided to work for the Brotherhood, and these beasts quickly show why they are feared - closing distances quick and applying continuous knock downs to their super mutant foes. Unfortunately a grenade gets all of them while they are all clustered together, leaving Brian and Frances to complete the mission.

Effective melee, but weak to grenades.

Brian did manage to find a speedy, two seater scouter which does let them bypass the main roads, and gets them to a spot where they can infiltrate the main facility - finding it is a research lab where a super mutant scientist is trying to solve the sterility problem all super mutants have.

Despite his begging, Frances and Brian torch the place as vengeance for the fallen brothers - scientist included. Surprisingly, Dekker is not happy with that decision. Perhaps he's not as loyal to the Brotherhood as people believe him to be...

Monday, 18 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Defeat

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

The team is delayed in reaching the new bunker as they have to skirt around giant rats that are the size of bears. By the time they reach there, they find it in disarray as many others - led by General Barnaky, have gone to face an army of super mutants.

Big green bastards in any iteration of Fallout.

A man named Dekker, currently in charge of giving missions, sends Frances squad out as support but the battle is lost before they even arrive, switching their priorities to search and rescue. The well trained and heavily armed super mutants, genetically created for war, are having none of that though and splay Mandy's guts all over the fields while attacking their first position.

Ice is shot in the head as the team captures a bridge checkpoint and not much farther Trevor eats a rocket. Traversing through the super mutant trenches, Torn also meets her end via heavy gunfire. The other squads didn't fare much better, with Frances and Brian only able to extract an APC and four members of Talon team who tell them General Barnaky had been captured. Everyone else was dead.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Beastmaster

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Despite providing batteries, the squad must still make do with whatever gear they can scrape together as they are next sent to deal with the Beastlords dominating the area. These cannibals some how can control animals, even the monstrous death claws.

After getting some intel from a liberated mayor and her daughter (sorry to the rest of that town), Frances and company find the Beastlord cave stronghold and easily fight their way in. A caged alpha deathclaw was the answer to their "magic power", and since the beast could parlay - it requested freedom so that it could take revenge on its captors.

Glad it could tell the difference.

Frances let it, and it did so very efficiently. With the beastlords wiped out Frances then ordered the remaining, injured deathclaws be put down as they were too dangerous to live. General Barnaky agreed with this decision and gave her a promotion for her actions. With this area secure it was time to pack up and head on to Bunker Gamma.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Bugged

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Frances replaces her fallen squaddies with females: the nurse Mandy, all rounder Ice, and her mechanic friend Jo who quickly gets to work repairing the hummer. Annoyingly, the Brotherhood Quartermaster is short on ammo to trade so the team is next sent out to collect batteries to power energy weapons.

Their destination is an abandoned bunker but they are pleasantly surprised to find a friendly but simple tribe living above it and barter a few things before descending into the labyrinth below. A labyrinth filled with radscorpions and radroaches! Yuck!

The boss roach is car sized. Eek!

The deeper areas are only accessible by turning on the power, which in also activates the defense turrets that the team must dodge past. They finally find the battery supply in the deepest area which is home to a giant roach. Jo is crippled by the beast before it is slain.

As they exit, they power down the turrets but find it is too late for the tribe topside as the turrets there also went live and melted over half the inhabitants. Back at the base, the injured Jo is replaced with female close quarter specialist Torn.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Hummer Time

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

The last raider outpost is destroyed easily, as the team managed to use a herd of wild brahmin to "disarm" their mine field. General Barnaky then orders the squad south to the next Brotherhood bunker, with an ultimate goal of finding the mythical Vault 0 that is supposed to contain secrets of the past, and gateways to the future.

The migration hits a speedbump at the town of Macomb, where hostile locals put up barricades in an effort to pilfer a Brotherhood convoy. Frances' team is tasked with clearing the way - shooting down packs of dogs while carefully taking down the many roof top snipers lying in wait.

Night time also lowers chances to hit at range.

Despite their best efforts Robin takes a bullet to the face early while traversing a rooftop, Stitch is taken out by a grenade, and Dianne bleeds out from rocket shrapnel at the last hurdle. For their efforts, the survivors aquire a humvee which certainly beats walking. It also can store a lot of loot and is made use of right away to flee from the giant, acid spitting radroaches of the wasteland!

Fallout Tactics: New Recruits

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

"Cut them loose," ordered Frances as she reloaded her pistol. Behind her Dianne, now better known as her callsign - Farsight, took up an overwatch position covering one of the exits to the large hut with her hunting rifle as Stitch made his way through the tribal hostages, cutting their bonds free with a scalpel.

Vault boy wasn't one of the prisoners.

Frances couldn't help but be reminded that it was her in that position not long ago, having been taken by rogues and then sold to these raiders to suffer unspeakable indignities. She and Dianne were lucky, surviving until the Brotherhood of Steel rescued them and recruited them into their ranks. Their other friend Brenda was less fortunate, and ended up as dinner a week before the rescue.

These tribals wouldn't suffer that fate though, now they were free... Free to serve the brotherhood. With this success Frances was allowed to expand to a full squad, gaining recruits Trevor the fat, goatee Brian and Robin who does his best to emulate his favorite comic book sidekick.

Fallout Tactics

Because you can't have enough stories about a post nuclear wasteland...

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