Saturday 12 April 2014

Sacred: Journey Journal

Due to having some internet issues over here I decided to play through a copy of Sacred Gold I have sitting around. It's one of those games that my brothers and I intended to play coop but never got around to it, so now - years later - I've decided to win the damn thing since I don't like leaving boxes of games unwon. Obviously spoilers ahead (if you also intend to play through it) but given its age, its probably ok to just read my adventures through it!

1. Beginners Zone
2. The Green Sea
3. Bad Odds
4. Detour XP
5. DeMordrey
6. BFG
7. Return to the Oasis
8. Khorad-Nur
9. A Speedy Reunion
10. The Dark Side
11. Home of the Brave?
12. Cowardice
13. Heavy Reading 
14. Burning Flame
15. I Hate Drow
16. Dam Fetch Quest
17. The Lost Swamp
18. Dragon Knights
19. Mystdale
20. The Fifth Element
21. Sakkara
22. Shaddar
23. Underworld
24. Holy Hell
25. Cursed Forest
26. Paradise, Comparitively
27. Crabs and Bones
28. Volcano Island
29. Marathon
30. The Climb
31. Descent
32. Temple of Hell
33. Anducar

The Sacred Journey has come to an end! Thank you for reading! :)

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