Monday, 7 April 2014

Farcry 3: Gear Check

[Part of the Diary of a Marked One]

Our "helpful"(?) boatman required a better engine on his rickety craft so it was up to us to go grab one from a nearby pirate scrapyard. By "nearby" he actually meant through around three pirate fortifications, one of which being a massive shipwreck, and having to sink a pirate destroyer sitting in the bay. The presence of multiple heavies wasn't really the problem on this map, it was more the multiple sections of endless scum (mostly shotgunners) pouring forth from the jungle in the take and hold parts.

"Hey dudes, get me a motor. Muahahahaha!"

Exploding that destroyer took a LOT of effort (for something that only needed 3 missiles to sink), and for the first time required our gear loadouts and strategy to be up to scratch. Moving together to take the rocket at the high fort using the bunker cover provided worked best. Getting the other missile on the beach was more problematic, until we found that the old stealth system prevalent in the single player game was still valid here. This meant that while my companions made a lot of noise at a fortified spot to attract the endlessly respawning pirate horde, I could sneak down the beach (while avoiding shelling) and collect the missile dumped there to sneak back.

Defending a noisy car motor to winch the boat engine objective at the "scrapyard" village was also quite problematic as the hordes were aided by magical heavies who appeared in the midst of our defenses. Fortunately well placed proximity mines took care of them early, and having the snag of refuelling the motor mid-combat more plausible. All in all this was an overly long and very difficult mission. The only bright side was the competitive section which involved heavy machine gunning our way down a river while on a raft.

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