Friday, 25 April 2014

Sacred: Cowardice

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

While doing quests at Braverock I learned of a rebel movement that was supposedly opposing Baron DeMordrey from within the city. I figured if I tracked down this "movement" I'd find Prince Valor and his retinue who I am supposed to deliver this big demon horn to. I am slightly surprised to learn that the Prince is currently hiding in the sewers underneath the city and is obviously the one instigating the rebellion against the traitor DeMordrey (and his numerically superior troops).

Underneath THREE LEVELS of sewer and sewerage to be precise. Just to recap: This supposedly brave guy called "Prince Valor" who is the next rightful ruler of the land is hiding under three levels of his enemies' urine and feces. Not sure if that's a fate worse than death right there but whatever. It seems he and his cohorts enjoy pulling the strings to get his own kinsmen to fight among each other while he hides unseen in the smelly safety of their poo. Is this really the guy meant to be king?

I don't think even he knows for sure.

Anyway, I showed the Prince, Baroness Vilya and Shareefa the demon horn. The sorceress instantly knew it was that of a Sakkara Demon - one of the most powerful beings from the underworld. It can also raise and control the dead and is the reason the orcs are fleeing from the sands. The Prince being the true coward he is, sends Shareefa and myself to handle that problem while he takes care of the rebel movement from the safety of his cave. Shareefa suggests we visit the Seraphim library at Ice Creek Dale to learn how to fight this monster. I agree just to get away from the poorly named loser that is Prince Valor.

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