Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sacred: Heavy Reading

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Since I already had a way gate marked at Ice Creek Pass we just appear right there, right next to where Wilbur died, and proceed up the mountain past the local hill giants, frost goblins, ice wolves and ice drakes of ever increasing size. This is actually easy since they cannot catch Speedy. Upon reaching the library though, we find that it is under seige from Ice Giants. Only one Seraphim and a handful of novices survived by escaping via the front door.

Ofcourse what we needed was inside the place (no horse), and with goblin shamans having the paralyze spell it meant a lot of close quarters combat against the big blue guys. Fortunately they were nowhere near as tough as the ice elf jedis from the forest and Shareefa herself was a pretty handy ally with many destructive spells launching from her fingertips. Soon we found what we were looking for... a seraphim hologram who gave us some really obscure message about elements.

Shareefa understood this to mean that we needed to acquire each element and put them together to defeat the Sakkara demon and then promptly told me to go get them on my own before teleporting herself out of there (The bitch!). Not sure why I couldn't just pick up some dirt, then spit, fart and light it on fire with magic but I guess that would be too easy. Fortunately the "air" element was nearby - just higher up the mountain in the ice giant home. Thanks to Speedy I was in and out of there before they even knew it, and was one step closer to creating the thing that would destroy the demon once and for all.

Captain Planet!

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