Sunday 2 February 2020

Sekiro: You're gonna die more than Twice - Boss Fight Tips (Part III)!

Nice! If you've been following my tips, you are becoming an awesome cheating murderer who keeps going LEFT! So let's keep it up with this next set:

Mist Noble - this flute playing squid is my favorite! Just attack attack attack to win, and killing him makes the mist and all the mist enemies vanish! Getting to him is the hardest part. For that, one you reach the mist area sneak forward backstabbing single enemies (center path) till you reach the house then turn LEFT and follow the mountain wall LEFT and up. The Glutton mini boss and his monkeys mark the correct spot - run past them and follow the obvious route from there.

Fat Glutton Guy - The one you bypassed to reach the Mist Noble... didn't we already kill him while he was drunk? Whatever, first up kill his monkeys. Usually the one closest to you first then grapple up and kill gun monkey. Remaining sword monkeys will jump up to fight you outside the bosses reach. He might still spew at you so be careful!

Once the simians are dead grapple away to reset his awareness then go back and open with a backstab. I found it easiest to burn this fatso alive with a spring loaded flame vent (upgraded flame thrower). Just remember to hold down the button to activate the stronger flame and to not put him on fire if he's already on fire (it's just wasted).

In a pinch, you can also sword him once if he's drinking or twice if he finishes a combo. Run around him a little and you'll see he usually has 2 hit combos.

O'Rin of the Water - found beyond Mibu Village, this horny, shamisen playing, floaty ghost is a pain to fight properly. Fortunately you can just run past, or better yet - lure her back the way you came - baiting her until she reaches the edge of her "leash". Attack her there (whirlwind attack is great) and ideally pin her against a rock, a cliff and your hard, hard sword. Beat her down and give her the stabbing she so desperately wants.

Purple Monk - this tall spear wielder is almost right after O'Rin, has a ton of HP but is actually slow (comparative to other bosses) and gives you plenty of room to run around. By this stage you should have a load of items and this is a great place to use them to stun lock her. You'll want your firecrackers, fistfulls of ash and snap seeds at the ready as well as activating a divine confetti and ako's sugar (drugs!)

The procedure is simple, buff up at the entrance then rush the monk directly. Throw a stun item (firecraker, ash, snap seed) hit twice and repeat until you win. If you run out of stuff, you can actually make use of the large area to bait an opening. Either the jump smash where the spear hits the ground (and doesn't swipe), or the 5 whirl attacks. After either you have time to dash in and hit once (only).

Killing her somehow lets you learn how to dive and breathe water, so make sure you do that in all the water areas you've passed as some have prayer beads just laying there!

Longarm Centipede - There are actually two of these and both have the same strategy. For the one in the temple kill all the little dudes first both on the rafters and on the floor. They throw fire so an aggressive charge is best. Afterwards grapple up and go away till the boss loses interest so you can have a clean duel.

Regardless if you are fighting the temple one or the one at the back of the gun fort, use a Gokan's sugar before engaging. For the temple one you can open with a deathblow if you like. The fight is easy though. He will attack relentlessly, and you will button mash parry until he breaks his own posture for a kill. The only switch is when a perilous attack comes in which case you must jump, ideally forward and jump again on his head. Easy!

Next up, Lady Butterfly and Genichiro...!

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