Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Sekiro: You're gonna die more than Twice - Boss Fight Tips (Part V)!

Defeating those monkeys has changed a few areas, mainly Ashina castle which is now occupied by invading bosses. Smells like the end game is near...

Chained Ogre #2 - easier than the first. From the castle antechamber shrine make your way to the main room and grapple down the hole. The ogre is beneath you waiting for an aerial death blow. Afterwards, it's easiest to just flame him using the central pillar to gain space while letting him burn.

Vilehand - in the dojo you fought the L33T Ashina Samurai, don't backstab him! Instead turn left as soon as you enter and backstab his buddy, using puppet ninjutsu on him to make him an ally. Vilehand has almost the same moveset as the Pit Longsword dude, just with two minor additions - both easily dodged.

Vilehand will aggro whoever hits him last so while your ally fights him, sneak in a few hits here and there. You can "rebackstab/puppet" your ally if you think he's running out of time. Just remember your allies attacks will hit you too, so your positioning is key.

Masanaga - found at the serpent shrine past the castle and comes with three wolves you should shuriken first. Then sneak around the building for a backstab, afterwhich RUN AWAY back the way you came. Masanaga is basically Vilehand again, so bring him to the edge of his "leash" (when he starts walking backwards) and attack.

Expect to parry/evade his combo which is often huge and will put him way past his leash - this interferes with his combat AI so punish as you see fit but expect an attack combo once he nears his "zone" again.

Underwater Headless - this monster is beneath the Ashina Castle pond so use a pacification agent before jumping in. Fortunately he is much weaker than the land versions and you are very fast in the water. Dodge his terror slashes and if he does anything else, stab towards him - attack a little and dodge through. The key is to always have your anti-terror buff active so drink from your purple gourd (buy it from Mibu Village) early rather than late.

Shichimen Warrior - previously bypassed at the end of the abandoned dungeon or next to the bottomless pit shrine, the main thing you need here is buffs. Divine confetti and pacifying agent/purple gourd. Just run up to him and whack away (3 or 4 times) while avoiding his purple orbs. There is a pillar somewhere in that room for you to take cover and rebuff/heal as needed (channel your inner First Person shooter).

Note that in his phase two, he's going to be firing his lazer which can be blocked by the purple umbrella if you have it. If you get lucky you can also aerial instakill him too, though that's never worked for me. Expect a long fight. The ceremonial dagger he drops is well worth it!

Once that's all done, a decision awaits at the castle lookout where you defeated Genichiro.

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