Monday, 3 February 2020

Sekiro: You're gonna die more than Twice - Boss Fight Tips (Part IV)!

Let the boss slaying continue! Now we're getting to some major ones!

Lady Butterfly - I like ignoring major fights till the last minute which is why this old crone is so far down the list, when in actuality she could be the first major boss you run into. She's agile but has lots of openings after her combos, but ultimately you want to do slash slash dodge (towards the side with more space, don't get pinned against a pillar or wall) and repeat as your "go to".

Shuriken her if she jumps up, and jump on her head or away if she does her perilous sweep. The second phase is more of the same, you can probably tank the minor butterflies but when the illusions show up stop fighting and run like a madman in a big circle. After awhile they turn into a butterfly swarm, so take cover behind a pillar. Once the coast is clear continue as before.

L33T Ashina Samurai - Found in the upper dojo of the castle, this guy is a lesson in parry timing. As soon as his sword hilt shines tap parry twice. Spamming won't work, you have to be precise. Like the long arm centipedes he breaks his own posture with this for an easy kill.

Shirafuji, the Gunfort guardian - unlike the last gun boss, you have no poison pit to help you this time. Hopefully you do have Ichimonji Double though, which is pretty useful. Even if you don't this is a block fight (hold the button down, not tap), until she fires - then attack and repeat till she dies. Just be sure to fight on the LEFT side of the area so you don't get sniped by the Gunfort.

Genichiro the Arm Slicer - this guy has a major weakness to Ichimonji double. Use it with the intention of missing the first strike and he will run into it! Run away in a circle and repeat. The only changes are if he jumps in the air to fire arrows (in which case you just run in a circle, not in a line like Rickon Stark), and if you use a consumable (heal) he will try arrow you so keep moving.

His second phase adds lightning, which means "jump" and if you jump into it you can do the lightning reversal thing (jump/parry/strike) to stun him if you are in range. Otherwise, continue the Ichi-double to victory.

Folding Screen Monkeys - is not a boss as they run away! Lol! Kill the invisible one behind you at the start, then the remaining three you can work out for sneak kills. Just know they summon ghost monkeys that apply terror damage so have pacifying agent or the purple gourd (purchased at Mibu Village) ready.

Giant Snake Again - also not a boss, again. After it breaks the bridge just dive underwater to dodge it. When you find it in the cave (run past everything btw, stick to the LEFT if you can) use puppet ninjutsu on the provided monkey to distract it. To actually kill it, you need to puppet a dwarf near the Temple (where you first find the monks) to man a kite for you, then go all the way up to grapple from the giant tree to the kite and across the chasm. From there its just an instakill. 

Guardian Ape - now this is a monkey boss, a very angry one! Make use of the space to run a bit from his odd attacks to study them, making sure to jump away from perilous grabs or his poop throwing. He's open after most, and is easily stunned by firecrackers so abuse that and whirlwind attacks. Just don't let him fall on you.

Phase two he has a sword and is more about patience. Use the space to run away, and everytime he does a four stab "snake" maneuver get in there (whirlwind slash useful again) then run again. He'll show off a lot of moves, but none can reach you if you flee. Just wait for the end of the "snake" to strike.

Note: killing him changes the spawn in a few areas! For instance, it spawns the boss below:

Headless Ape past the poison pool - actually same as phase two of the Guardian ape (lots of running, this time in a smaller area), with one exception that he does a standing "pillar fall" attack which leaves him open too. When the brown ape arrives switch target to it as it has much less HP and moves faster than the headless one, making it easy to split them up.

Just make sure to finish off the Headless one properly with the mortal blade afterwards.

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