Thursday 6 February 2020

Alan Wake: American Nightmare

Bringing light to the darkness. Literally.

Alan who is a writer by day, finds himself in the darkness of Arizona to try find his manuscript and alter reality to destroy his evil doppelganger! You can tell the tone of the entire game from that premise. The dated graphics also slightly conflict with the real life cut scenes being used but for the most part it's ok.

As a shooter, it's also ok. Controls are good, you have a handy "dodge" key, weapon options are varied and the whole thing of requiring to focus your flashlight at enemies to break their shadow shield before being able to hit them works well.

"Just keep the lights on to live ok?"

What doesn't work so well is the corny narrator and the fixed camera angle which ensures at some point one of the enemies will get the drop on you since they literally spawn out of nowhere at your objectives. Worth mentioning too that apart from one enemy type, all of them need to melee you which means running away and gunning is your best bet in all situations. It's also a short game, made shorter by reusing 3 maps over and over.

Entertaining enough for what it is, I give it 1.5 dead mechanics out of 5.

Insight: Flares are best reserved when enemies are getting too close, or to destroy the dark fountains on maps 6 and 9. Specifically 9 as they will be swarming by then.

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