Wednesday 5 February 2020

Sekiro: You're gonna die more than Twice - Boss Fight Tips (Part VI)!

After slaying all those baddies you know what's best? To become the baddie yourself! Muahahahaah! Yes, I sided with "father ninja" though not for that actual reason. More like a) immortality is a gift regardless of the price and b) I miss my dad.

This leads to a two in a row boss fight which you should prepare for. From the upper dojo shrine, use the ceremonial dagger you got from the Shichimen Warrior to get more "ammo", then backstab the lone ninja on your way up to the fight.

Emma - first round is the doctor, who has decent range (around half the room). If you stand in range and use an item, she will punish you. She has a weakness to the 6 swing Floating Passage skill you can buy with fish scales from the pot guy (in the river beside flaming village in the past) though.

Start the attack far, aiming to miss the first one and put her on the defensive. Once your combo is done, parry her counter (watch your posture) or jump away. Run in a small circle and repeat.

If your last strike hits her, you can actually just do the whole chain immediately again. She likes to pose a bit after her own attacks, so if she looks like she's up to something, run away until she does a pose then get back in there.

Once she's down you have a tiny amount of time to buff up, heal and switch from Floating Passage to Shadow Rush before the next boss arrives...

Isshin - this old guy can cover more ground than Emma (2/3rds of the arena) so mind your space, especially when healing or if he sheathes his sword. For his first phase, abuse shadow rush complete with aerial attack, then jump away and run in a circle to do it again.

His second phase introduces fire attacks, often preluded by a slow foot stomp. This is your time to run to his back, hit him twice and parry his counters. He's going to ichimongi or stomp soon after so be prepared to repeat.

If you can't reach his back in time and he's stomping, use your MMORPG skills and don't stand in the fire. Instead prepare to block a shitload of attacks and a slash finisher. Note, if you need to heal or rebuff, make sure he's at the other end of the arena (long ends of the rectangle).

That's it! Obviously I missed a few things (oooh, an entire area according to the wiki) but I never set out to find / fight them all anyway. Might see how well I do with a NG+, but that's just for my enjoyment. :)

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