Wednesday 11 December 2019

The Wild Hunt: Explorer

[Part of the Wild Hunt story]

Having heard of Geralt's previous success as a horse racer, Cleaver hired the witcher as his rider in the big four three's night time race. Unfortunately the small fortune he wagered was lost as Bedlam's rider won by a neck, leading the frustrated dwarf to tell Geralt to piss off.

This suited the White Wolf just fine as he was done with Novigrad for the time being, opting to head out and explore the rest of Velen, taking care of any beasts and brigands he came across. One particular bandit group stood out as they were humans following a werewolf leader... a rare occurrence that made Geralt wish he knew how to dual wield.

Every area in fog is probably home to these tricksters...

Due to the war, there was also a great deal of treasure and equipment just lying around for the taking - including some underwater chests. As expected, drowners who are rather easy foes on the surface have quite the advantage underwater. Luckily, it turns out a crossbow works even better when fully submerged.

Insight: Reaching the edge of the map gives a "end of the world" message, followed by a quick travel option. While it takes away from immersion, the convenience results in good design!

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