Monday 30 December 2019

Cloak and Dagger (TV)

Pancakes and waffles - the best part about this show.

As children both Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) are affected by an accident that gives them some pretty odd super powers. Years later, these powers manifest and they use them to do good totally confuse the audience which isn't helped by a plot that seems to just go where it wants to on a whim.

Those daggers look ridiculous too.

Tyrone, whose dad is a member of a sewing gang (wtf), has anger issues but actually turns out to be the more heroic of the duo as Tandy, has very few redeeming qualities past her looks. She is selfish, actively steals from people, abandons people and almost enjoys killing - or is at least nonchalant about it.

The most grating parts about this show is when they go into their "fake worlds" which happens often. I think only one of those actually proved to be entertaining, the rest were just filler or a poor vehicle to illustrate something required of the plot. Argh. It's a pity since there are actually a few good moments in here, but not enough for me to recommend this two season show to anyone.

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