Thursday 19 December 2019

The Wild Hunt: Generals

[Part of the Wild Hunt story]

Intent on counter attacking the Wild Hunt while they were weakened, Ciri and Geralt left Kaer Morhen in hopes to catch one of their generals in the Velen region. Avallac'h had said this particular one had become the master of the swamp crones who regularly enticed him with offerings of the flesh.

The information was good and while the witcher burned the general's face to death, Ciri slew the majority of his evil crone cohorts. Having earned a measure of trust from the White Wolf, Avallac'h next took him world-hopping to reach that of the Wild Hunt's origin.

Beauty in far flung places.

There, another general is encountered but instead of killing him Avallac'h, who also originates from that world, instead reveals proof that Eredin - the Wild Hunt leader, had killed the previous Elf King. Being a friend and a loyalist to the deceased leader, this general agrees to no longer send troops to reinforce Eredin. Avallac'h is confident he will keep his word.

Insight: The world jumping bit is really cool. In the cold world, fire will restore your health so look for ignitables.

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