Thursday 5 December 2019

The Wild Hunt: Monsters

[Part of the Wild Hunt story]

Novigrad smells like burning flesh, and for good reason. The Church of the Eternal Fire are here and are actively fanaticizing the city folk into discriminating against the non-humans and burning witches and magic users at the stake.

There's still plenty of work for a witcher though, but this time Geralt saves more "monsters" than he kills as they are often the victims of the city residents. On one such job he helps his old flame, the sorceress Triss, who is now living doing menial tasks while in hiding from the Witch Hunters.

Hiding in extravagant parties that is.

While she has no leads on Ciri, she does get Geralt reunited with his dwarven ally Zoltan who bluntly informs the witcher that their other friend, the flamboyant bard Jaskier Dandelion has also gone missing. Since the bard's trail is fresh, they decide to look for him first.

Insight: Fast travel via sign posts to save a lot of time.

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