Monday 9 December 2019

The Wild Hunt: Escape

[Part of the Wild Hunt story]

With Triss more hunted now than ever after her pyromania episode, she asks Geralt to help her and a few other mages finally flee Novigrad. The witcher soon learns that "a few" is an understatement, as there are around thirty mages to escort from the basement of a mage friendly inn all the way to the docks via sewers crawling with drowners and rats, mostly attracted by all the corpses Cleaver has been dumping.

The sewer monsters have no chance against this duo.

The White Wolf clears the path, and is surprised when Dijkstra himself helps at the dock end to slay a witch hunter patrol. With the way clear, all the mages board and Triss bids farewell to Geralt, leaving him and Dijkstra at the pier.

At this rare moment Dijkstra speaks plainly to the witcher, admitting he had been helping the mages in hopes to ally with them one day, and then about his hatred at the current ruler of Redania - suggesting Geralt aid him in assassinating the mad King Radovid. Knowing what the witcher's immediate answer would be, Dijkstra instead implores him to "think about it" before leaving.

Insight: It seems named allies are in no danger of dying if their health bar doesn't appear on the screen. Your mileage may vary with nameless henchmen support though.

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