Monday, 16 December 2019

The Wild Hunt: Witchers

[Part of the Wild Hunt story]

Acquiring the ugly critter turns out to be rather easy once Geralt returns to the Continent as the late Baron's successor is more than happy to part ways with his "useless jester" who is actually the victim of a powerful curse.

The White Wolf decides to take him to Kaer Morhen where Yennefer, having received his summons for aid, was already preparing after teleporting ahead - much to the annoyance of the resident witchers, Eskel, Lambert and old man Vesimir.

While Vesimir looked after the new "guests", the younger witchers went about collecting materials for Yennefer's spell during the day, and spent their evenings getting absolutely hammered with various forms of alcohol. It was a fine change of pace, and one that happened all too rarely.

We need more stories with Lambert and Eskel!

Insight: Speaking of drinking, Golden Oriole potions and White Raffard decoctions are two important ones you will likely drink often. Make sure to have them in stock before taking on tough and/or poisonous enemies.

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