Monday, 23 December 2019

Terminator: Dark Fate

You can sort of change the future, except when you can't.

Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor to actively retcon a few of the previous Terminator movies, and to stop yet another "unstoppable" threat from the future who seems to be following a similar plot to Terminator 2. There's decent violence and a mandatory chase scene and almost everything plays out just like you might guess it will, especially if you've seen the rest of the franchise.

I'm going to say not breaking out of the mold is one of the biggest weaknesses of this franchise, which is why Terminator 1 and 2 are hard to top. The first one introduced a fresh concept while the second one makes the previous bad guy a good guy and improves the things that worked in the first film. After that it's mostly a rehash of Terminator 2 all the time - which is what we have here.

Basically its Terminator with girl power...

Acting wise, Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis (Grace) are great. Almost everyone else is passable, but unfortunately the one person most lacking in depth is Natalia Reyes' Dani, who gets a lot of screen time but not a lot of agency. All up it's another OK outing that I give three drapes out of five. Will Terminator be back for round 7? We'll have to wait and see.

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