Saturday 30 March 2019

Dying Light: Solo Finale

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

Safe from the bombs for now, we visit Dr. Camden and clear his lab of hostiles for him before finally chasing after Rais. At the door to his tower the game warns us that this is the finale and is only meant for single player, so we wish each other luck and enter our own instance of the event.

The first yard itself is home to demolishers and runners and I immediately choose to run past, mainly because I find killing demolishers unrewarding. In Jim's instance, he decided to kill everything! Which is impossible because they respawn. Lol.

I then found myself in a tunnel full of volatiles. GREAT. Not fighting this time! Fortunately I still have UV flares to spare here to run past these scum in a mad parkour sequence. Failure restarts you at the top of the tunnel, but doesn't replenish your flares. Somehow DL managed to do this in his run without taking damage and without flares, so I guess I'm just terrible?

Not a good time to go slow.

Finally it is into the tower proper where a dying Karim, shot by Rais, warns us of the mines upstairs. We would need to take a detour to the next building.

Insight: Bring a LOT of flares and medkits into the finale with you. :P

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