Thursday 28 March 2019

Today I Smiled: Brexit Analogies

Small break from the Dying Light story today to share some of these hilarious Brexit analogies and comments floating about reddit as once again "no majority" rules.

by allocater
The Brexit Quantum State: It can be everything everybody wishes, as long as it is not observed and always in the future.

by allocater
Only one thing has majority: Delaying Brexit by 1 month, every month.

by janggun100
Can we have Theresa May's deal?
Parliament: No
How about a new PM since the leadership is so bad?
Tories: No
Ok, how about a general election?
Parliament: No
Ok, so how about a slightly altered version of May's deal?
Parliament: No
So a no deal Brexit then?
Parliament: No
Fine, here are 8 different options just pick one.
Parliament: No

by slakmehl
The UK voted to eat at the restaurant, and now finds every option on the menu to be disgusting. So what's it going to be, Brits? Maybe leave the restaurant? Or are you just going to order whatever "poopsteak" is and take your chances?

by one_man_difference
Do you want a blowjob from a piranha?
Did you hear me just now when I said it was from a piranha?
Alright I change my mind
But you already said yes though

by arbyD
How many of you want a blowjob from a piranha?
    52% Want piranha blowjob
    48% Do not want piranha blowjob
Piranha blowjobs for everyone then!

by xenopizza
Would you like to stay or leave the EU ?
[ ] No

by chillidoor
I never thought I could be more embarrassed to be British than when we voted Leave, but here we are.


  1. It's funny but also very embarrassing!

    Today at work someone asked if everybody was OK with opening the window, and one co-worker randomly replied: "If we vote to open the window, that means we then have to keep it open forever, even if we change our minds because we're cold and it started raining. Because that's how we roll here in the UK."