Monday 25 March 2019

Dying Light: Wizard Magic

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

It seems there are some crazies in Old Town too, encountering a cannibal guy in one basement and a full blown mass murderer in an office space. later in particular is one of my favorite encounters thus far, and is voiced perfectly.

Not all the crazies are bad though, like the alien conspiracy nut who gives us a useless ray gun. The "wizard" babysitter is much better, rewarding us with guns for helping him take care of kids in an orphanage.

The bear holds secrets!

The real reward there is when Jim decides to keep interacting with a teddy bear in that orphanage... that explodes? When the smoke clears there is a "Developer Blueprint" in its place for a Stasis Field Generator? WTF. It requires a lot of shrooms to create, but the effects are truly magical: a grenade that freezes everything (often in midair) within its explosion sphere!

Insight: There are a lot of demolisher zombies in Old Town and all can throw boulders accurately. The majority of them are not worth fighting though - only the ones tied to quests.

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