Sunday, 10 March 2019

Dying Light: First Bite

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

Harran, another city infected with zombies. Fortunately this one has been quarantined by the local government. Unfortunately, the GRE (the Global Relief Effort) is sending us in to recover a stolen file with sensitive info that is being used to black mail them. Shouldn't be a problem, as we've all faced zombies before - and now have even trained up to be in peak physical condition! Time for the intro cut scene!

Step 1: Parachute out of plane.
Step 2: Get separated from the others thanks to high winds.
Step 3: Land right into some brigands.
Step 4: Get bitten by first zombie encountered.

WHAT? Well, that went to hell right away. A brother/sister duo appear out of nowhere and manage to get me to safety.  Well, the woman does. The guy becomes zombie chow just as I pass out.

Sorry random dude, I hardly knew ye!

I'm surprised that I don't wake up as a zombie, instead finding myself in a high rise survivor base aptly called "The Tower". I also learn that while the bite will be fatal, there is a drug being airdropped regularly by the GRE that will keep that infection at bay - at least temporarily, called Antizin.

I need that drug! DRUGGGGGS! (Hmm maybe I am a zombie already after all?)

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