Sunday, 31 March 2019

Dying Light: Raishole

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

The detour isn't so bad as the next building is just full of zombies, which pretty much every place has been so it's nothing new. There aren't even any volatiles, so a quick kill followed by blood disguise lets me run past everything easily.

Running back to Rais' tower atop a crane which is hit by an RPG is pretty cool, but doing the final climb I get stuck in a part where you need to make a pretty big jump and for some reason cannot use the grapple.

Fortunately I can unlock an agility skill that lets you wall run and this gets me across the gap and up to the final QTE fight against Rais, which obviously results in his death. A GRE chopper comes to try pick us (and the cure research) up but we refuse.

Still better than the Shadow of Mordor final QTE battle.

One time skip later and, Dr. Camden reports that a cure is within reach, and basically that's the end of Dying Light! Next time it's onto "The Following" DLC. :)

Insight: Rais' pistol which is found in an Old Town side quest and not on Rais himself, is the best pistol I've come across so far. Try not to miss it! If he was wielding that instead of a machete, this boss fight would have been much harder.

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