Saturday 13 October 2018

Shadowrun: Property Defense

[Part of the Shadowrun Chronicles.]

Carol awakens back at Smedley's Square, having been saved by her team. Mostly. Her arms and legs have now been replaced by robotic ones as apparently her original limbs were too damaged to save so Smedley had them hacked off.

Graphite was the only color available.

She is understandably upset, but now most of her is technically Smedley's property (which he can turn off remotely), she has no choice but to comply with any and all of his tasks. He wanted to get money back on his investment after all.

Eventually cleared to return to the field, her first task is to help defend the tunnels beneath the square against a massive invasion of headcases. Her old team mates Sarah, Halon, Ratdoktor, and Thunderb0lz are among the other defenders against the tide.

Among the headcases are suicide bombers which become key in stopping their allies. Victorious underground they head up to the street level to assist in covering Blood Countess in setting up defense turrets and Zue Zue in establishing a magic barrier but these are easy compared to the initial assault. The headcases eventually fall back.

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