Monday 1 October 2018

Hand of Fate 2

It differentiates between completion and mastery.

The Dealer is back in this amazingly crafted sequel from the first game. While most of the mechanics regarding the cards remain the same, there are more variations of mini games this time around - all of which are both fun and frustrating.

You also get more hero customization options and companions now among a whole slew of new cards to unlock and discover. The strongest point for me is still the Dealer and his amazing lines. A close second is the story and the way it unfolds, though you might not get to appreciate that if you don't finish it.

Repetitiveness and the feeling that you aren't progressing is a major one in the mid-late game, especially with challenges that seem insurmountable. A curse filled quest and one where you must outwit a devil come to mind. At that stage you cannot rely on the auto-fill deck, and must be willing to go and select the cards that will best aid you in that challenge.

Companion allies add extra fun!

I also note that there is a difference between completion and mastery. I "completed" the game, but not "mastered" all the challenges. An early example is a quest to visit a high priestess. Reaching her and surviving completes the quest. Reaching her with 12 blessing and surviving earns you mastery, which unlocks even more cards.

Apart from that valley of depression before I realized I had to build my own decks to progress, I found this game very entertaining! Definitely a step up from the original, but also a step up in difficulty. Highly recommended, I give it 4.8 thieving goblins out of 5.

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