Tuesday 9 October 2018

Shadowrun: Boston Lockdown

[Part of the Shadowrun Chronicles.]

The interior of the stadium is a wreck, with some parts still aflame from the dragon attack. Worse, there are crazies in there who seem to be zombified into a kind of hive mind. They are initially poorly armed and pose little threat but the ones further in have firearms and one puts a slug right between Anjelica's eyes, killing her instantly.

One member down, the team still manages to steal the items Smedley is after and reach top side - only to find the whole area now swarming with these zombie headcases. Police officer Sarah McCarthy joins the party for their escape, and her stun grenades are pretty handy.

AoE attacks are great!

Carol leads the team back to the ambulance and on the way Thunderb0lz's drone gets smashed and Ahnah is dragged away by a pack of bharghests (wolf like critters) to be eaten. The rest manage to make a quick getaway and return to Smedley's Square, and learn that due to the headcase outbreak all of Boston is now under quarantine lockdown.

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