Wednesday 31 October 2018


Modern day fantasy.

This movie is a strange blend of police procedural and action in a modern world inhabited by fantasy races (and filled with fantastic racism). The main protagonists are a cop duo of Nick (Joel Edgerton), the first orc cop, and Daryl (Will Smith) who seems to be the only black cop.

He makes the show.

Everyone hates everyone for various reasons, and the appearance of a magic wand which is equal parts illegal, dangerous, and valuable acts as a catalyst for some/a lot of violence.

There are huge holes in this story, some from the main antagonist and the elf female lead (if you can call her that?), but mostly from not defining what magic can do and what the cost of using it is. 

Despite that, I really ended up enjoying this movie especially orc cop Nick who is the clear MVP here. Probably not for everyone, but I certainly liked it and would watch it again. I give it 3 fairy pests out of 5.

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