Wednesday 10 October 2018

Shadowrun: Blood Harvest

[Part of the Shadowrun Chronicles.]

After upgrading her pistol, Carol is tasked next for a major offensive against the Dragonslayers and is teamed up with her old allies Al'sia the elf mage, Thunderb0lz and her new drones, and trusty shotgunner Ratdoktor. Bloodcountess the elf hacker as well as autogunners Maevas Bahome and Halon the orc also go with them.

With the enemy are now sporting heavy machineguns, chainsaws, flamethrowers, grenades and heavy armor the numbers are warranted. The fighting begins at a warehouse district, where Al'sia is caught by surprise and chainsawed in half. Advancing to the docks, Maevas is cut down by flanking machine gun fire.

Cover: It's very important.

They finally reach the morgue where they find the Dragonslayers harvesting organs from slain headcases. Their toughest guys are in there, and everyone left save Thunderb0lz is near death by the time they clean the place out to let Sarah McCarthy investigate.

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