Monday 15 October 2018

Shadowrun: Special Delivery

[Part of the Shadowrun Chronicles.]

After the losses from last time, Carol is tasked with assembling a new team to do some recovery an air dropped package for Smedley. This includes Nicki Law, an Asian autorifler, elf mage Lanfey, and Barbel a troll hammerite.

A quick detour through headcase tunnels where hive controller heavies are attempting to overload valves of a nearby power plant serves as a good warm up before the squad heads topside to battle Aztech forces who are also interested in said package.

The eagle shamans have a suicide ability to turn themselves into blood spirits which is quite terrifying. Fortunately the roof top area is spacious and open enough to weaken the monsters at a distance.

And finish them off point blank

Upon reaching the package they find it contains a person: en elf reporter named Allison Sanborn. They steal another ambulance and take her back to Smedley's Square.

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