Wednesday 24 October 2018

Freebie! SCP: Secret Laboratory

Horror and Comedy rolled into one.

The SCP Foundation holds some of the strangest monsters known (or should I say unknown) to man. Based on the single player game SCP: Containment Breach (which is also free), this game plays out a scenario where everything gets loose. The only difference is this is multiplayer!

So yes, while everything has the horror vibe you still get kids on the mic, people with harmonicas, and other randoms to listen to. Fortunately you will only hear those close to you or of your team which does add some funny entertainment and/or annoyance.

Don't blink or it will kill you.

Along with a randomly generated map each game, you will also be randomly spawned as one of the various faction classes: Class-D prisoner, Scientist, Nine-Tail Fox soldier, Chaos Insurgent, or one of the unique SCPs. Your goal will vary as appropriate to either be escape, contain, or kill.

I've been playing on a server with 40 players so things tend to get crazy, however the respawn delay is pretty long which means there's a fair bit of down time upon death. Sometimes, you also don't respawn so try not to die! Not the best in terms of graphics or control but it potentially can be a fun diversion. Best of all is that it's currently free on Steam! I give it 2 neck snaps out of 5 and recommend it to SCP or horror fans.

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