Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Dark Souls III: Archdragon Peak

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Instead of pushing forward at the castle, I opt to take a detour to Irithyll - finding Greirat's corpse in the white spider sewers. Guess he's not as good a thief as he thought. Down in the dungeon I use the "path of the dragon" gesture at the "try gesture" cliff, and find myself transported to Archdragon Peak - a spectacular fortress which is home to the serpent men. And dragons. A big white one greets me just as I enter the main gate, and this becomes one of my favorite boss fights.

So cool...

Directly attacking it doesn't really get anywhere, but the boss zone is huge and encourages me to explore the serpent man buildings and parapets all while avoiding dragon fire - It's also handy that said dragon fire hits friend and foe alike! Eventually I reach a high scaffolding above the beast, and using a leaping attack one hit kills the winged reptile.

Worse adversaries wait beyond him though, such as rolling rock lizards and a fat wizard who summons invaders such as drake blood knights and a random purple guy named Ian who wears a big hat (player). I had no chance against that so it was back to ye olde running technique which actually got me to the next bonfire and to the next boss - a dragon riding king! Well. It looks more like a bird... A thunderbird? Fortunately I am assisted by sunbros Masu and (a male) Firekeeper (players) who clearly have done this before.

That's me getting impaled and electrocuted again...

Firekeeper dies in battle, but it still results in victory for me! As a bonus, I find Ornstein's old Dragonslayer armor afterwards and switch into it. Really, my old set was getting a bit stinky since there was nothing better to change to. I also upgrade my axe to maximum and am now at level 85.

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