Wednesday, 22 February 2017


A single room story.

This entire "experience" takes place in a small cabin with you playing as the moping protagonist who is looking for his wife - the titular Serena. While it's one of those "quite different" games, it is very linear, has a short play length and lack of choices/player agency. Most of the descriptions are read out by the sad sack protagonist and if they were going for a sad sack voice they picked the right guy.

The whole story happens in here.

It is quite annoying that he refuses to do many things, simply to keep you constrained in the cabin or until you've unlocked that part of the "story". Click on a cabinet and you might get "I don't feel like doing that right now". Yeah. One of those games. If you want to kill 10 minutes on a freebie from Steam then you might want to consider this. If you have longer then you might prefer to check out one of the many other free titles. Even Trick and Treat is better. For all the reasons above, it's hard for me to give this more than 1 picture out of 5.

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