Thursday, 2 February 2017

Dark Souls III: Dragonslayer

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

That doesn't bode well...

After the adventure at Archdragon Peak it was time to continue exploring Lothric's Castle, fighting past all forms of knightly hollows from before - only this time they have empowering mages to buff them. Once I get back outside it looks like there's some ominous eclipse event happening too, and all the dead dragons on the wall ramparts are now taking flight... Two of them decide to lay covering fire along a bridge I need to cross too, which results in a small detour through more human sized enemies.

This is more a test of flanking, not timing.

I manage to slay one of them with firebombs, which somehow kills the other (odd) but at least it lets me advance to the next boss plaza - one inhabited by Dragonslayer Armour!? I guess he's the version 2.0 of what I'm using, and while he defeats me on round one, I best him on my second attempt - making use of the big fountain to buy time to heal. It's then on to the Grand Archives where I find out that the Crystal Sage is still alive!

Of course there are gargoyles on the roof...

The bastard keeps taking potshots and teleporting while I have to deal with cursed books, midget assassins, candle head mages and a flame sword invader named Melisandre (player), who I totally think is an NPC and break the courtesy of waving first even though she waved hello. Sorry Melisandre! :( A blue sentinel named Monet (player) comes to my aid but Melisandre defeats us both! Thanks for trying Monet!

It is a long and arduous run up the tower (again) but this time I slay the Crystal Sage for good, run past a competing adventuring party, slay a small contingent of hollow knights and unlock a super shortcut back to a bonfire which is super handy because just ahead is Lothric's throne room!

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