Sunday, 5 February 2017

Dark Souls III: Let there be Light

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

The flaming sword is familiar...

Being tasked with taking down gods is a pretty big leap, but fortunately I didn't have to do it alone. Upon entering the very empty, yet very beautiful area which was now the Kiln of the First Flame I was joined by Kallian of Carim and sunbros Sumrak 2005 and MoGG (players) to face the Soul of Cinder: an amalgamation of all those who had linked the flame before. This towering skeletal warrior had a variety of movesets but his phase two one was most familiar: Gwyn, complete with his two handed flaming sword.

Oh that can't be good...

Sumrak fell to the firey blade, as did Kallian who was air juggled to death (which is BS btw since it means you can't recover). The Cinderfella managed to do Gwyn's explosive grab on me a few times too, but with MoGG's help he was finally laid to rest. Thanks guys! Now the rest was up to me... I walked up to the first flame and saw the Firekeeper's summon sign next to it.

She had mentioned to call upon her to end the cycle of fire but as I said before - having seen first hand what that world would look like... no. I'd run away from this enough times now. Extending my hand, I linked the fire - which as expected... sets me on fire too. A heroic sacrifice to sustain the beauty of the world. I suppose a plateau of flowers and swords seems to be a fitting place to do it... and so ends my Dark Souls journey.

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