Sunday, 26 February 2017

TESO: The Snake has Two Heads

Adventures of Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

A Dunmer templar Dieannin Avery decided to team up with me in rounding up all the townsfolk at Bleakrock which made the job really easy. Since the local "bandits" turned out to be advanced scouts for the Covenant, it wasn't really safe to hang around any longer and so we set sail down the coast all the way to the Argonian settlement of Bal Foyen in hopes to avoid the Covenant fleet. A plan that failed since the Covenant were already attacking there.

While interrupts are good, killing an enemy is better.

The quest branched at this point giving the option of either defending the fort with civilians or the docks with soldiers with grave connotations for the one we opted to neglect. Dieannin and I simply shrugged and decided to do both: he'd go with the Dunmer She-Captain to the docks while I headed to the fort... where Covenant were gating in. Really? What's the point of walls?

Regardless, both defense points were successful. I slew the mage themed Covenant commander while Dieannin Avery handled what sounded to be a more brute force type leader who killed the Dunmer She-Captain. We were then tasked with alerting the next town along of the impending threat and hoofed it on to the walled city of Davon's Watch. At its gates I finally part with Dieannin. Thanks dude!

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