Friday, 3 February 2017

Trick and Treat

I didn't know Cutesy Horror was a thing.

In this RPG Maker game, you play as an airhead Trick or Treater who for some reason decided to go with her friend to get candy from a Vampire's Castle. You are quickly separated and must do your best to find her ( and all the candy) at the same time. It goes without saying that you will run into actual ghosts and somewhat creepy dolls, complete with funny jump scares and simple puzzles. For a light hearted, cutesy horror - it's quite entertaining. My only complaint is the exploration of the castle does require some legwork but that's a flaw feature in most RPG Maker games.

Featuring the friendliest vampire ever.

If you are after short gimmick to kill a few hours, this one is worth a look - especially since it is free on Steam. :) Don't expect the depth or quality of of To the Moon though. I give it two pumpkins our of five.

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