Friday 2 September 2016

Today I Smiled: Storm King's Thunderbolt Fantasy

"Hey, you're one of the heroes who has beaten Baphomet, slain Orcus, and helped defeat Tiamat! Can you please go catch 200 fish for us?" -Lonelywood Moron

I'm now a few days into the Storm King's Thunder Module in Neverwinter Online, and while it's pretty cool thus far I do have to question the inclusion of that moronic fishing quest at Lonelywood, perhaps designed by a crazy who worships Slenderman. It does seem to be very grindy campaign wise too, but I'll wait till I'm further along before commenting more on that. A little disappointed that there are no living root bridges at Lonelywood too, almost as much as learning that AllSpice is not all spices put together.

In blog news, I'll be starting up my Dark Souls adventure log shortly so that there's more variety than just Skyrim all day, everyday. What really has me smiling though is this show Juris and I stumbled on last weekend called Thunderbolt Fantasy. If you like anime, then give it a try. If you don't like anime - STILL give it a try because holy heck, does it have a strong opening. Even my wife got sucked in right away. Not bad for a show using dolls / puppets huh? That's it for today - not leaving a usual music clip for you this time because the music in Thunderbolt Fantasy is awesome enough. Seriously though, watch it! :P

It's the best puppet show I know of!

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