Thursday 29 September 2016

Skyrim: Meeting Death

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Since those two kids are pretty independent, I just put in a word with the locals to keep an eye on them while I return to questing. Daddy's gotta work right? Well, no not if I'm this rich but more like.... daddy's gotta kill people. MUAHAHAHAHAH *scary face*. 

Sofia gets it.

After some regular bandit and vampire hunting Sofia, Bo and I arrive at the ruins of Azhgarfund - an interesting ruin with logic puzzles, fake walls that you have to jump backwards into, and a giant robot who almost kills both my companions simply because of how strong his armor is. The room was designed to weaken him upon luring him to the corners but the brute force method certainly felt more rewarding. He was ultimately tougher than the "summoner" mage at the bottom of the dungeon who basically didn't summon fast enough. :P

A true man shaped tank!

We then traveled to Dawnstar where an entire clan of Ebony Warriors (related to that first guy I guess) had taken over the Quicksilver Mine. The battle was ultimately fast but furious, and again the girls came near death but we walked away the victors. We were then tasked with finding a missing Vigilant of Stendarr caravan and suddenly a dwemer bot rolled up to us and teleported me (and only me) to some weird room with little explanation. I was now in the company of Nobby Nobs, Fred Colon and... Death?

He's as surprised as I am.

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