Thursday 8 September 2016

Just the 3 of Us

Spoiler: You never see the third person.

Uno (John Lloyd Cruz) is determined to attain the rank of captain at his airline. He also likes hitting the bottle (a lot) and after one particularly heavy drinking session at a pub with the worst fake band ever, gets it on with a random girl, who turns out to actually like him anyway but was doing the whole love from afar thing.

Just from the poster you can tell this movie was the wife's idea. :P

Well, random girl starts stalking Uno because - surprise! Babies can happen when you have sex. That  is mainly what the film deals with and boy, Uno, is certainly a dick at the start. And a slow start it is. It also has odd bits, such as the requirement of  "stalking" music when being stalked. Having groups of people just  spontaneously speaking as one also is something I'm not really used to.

While most of the acting is average (with a lot of overacted parts), the stand out is Uno's no nonsense evaluation instructor (played by Richard Yap), who as far as I'm concerned, nails all his scenes and works well as an antagonist. All up its an entertaining enough flick, and possibly worth one watch if you understand Tagalog or find a copy with subtitles. I give it two cacti out of five. Not really something I'd watch again unless the wifey makes me though. :P

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