Tuesday 20 September 2016

Dark Souls: Knight Land

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Past the Lesson Knight was an old stone tower, the bottom of which was guarded by a knight wielding a massive club and heavy armor, who I dub Club Knight. Despite my improved parrying this guy had a whole different set of very punishing (near 1HKO) strikes so I decided to avoid him for now. Instead I went to the top of the tower to face... a bull demon! I wasn't having much luck against him either though, so ultimately I decided to cheat. He was a lot easier to kill after buying all those explosives from the merchant. :P

Have some cheese!

Beyond him on the parapets I met Solaire of Astora, who was praising the sun and suggested I try some jolly cooperation when the opportunities present themselves. Well I certainly could have used some assistance crossing the main bridge guarded by a red dragon! It took a few goes before I managed to run past it to the bonfire it guarded. The hollows attempted to guard this district with an armored boar, but it was easy enough to encourage it to charge into the nearby fires - effectively killing itself.

Sprinting towards a dragon - not usually a good idea.

It looked like the church was the main structure here, judging from the suddenly awesome looking guards around it, so I skipped it first and was rewarded with another bonfire. This one was near an "old but built like an ox" blacksmith named Andre and nearby waiting at some closed gates is another knight I call Ser Chubby (for obvious reasons). The last inhabitant near this bonfire is a giant headless stone snake thing with a large staff that shoots lightning. Yeah, I ... just stayed away from that one.


  1. I just used fireball on Taurus, climbing the tower might help too. Did you get the drake sword from the drake too? pretty useful weapon for a while.
    That snake thing is annoying, ran like hell the first time, came back later, then stabbed him in the back, went relatively well.

    So, what class are you trying to be, some kind of rogue?

    1. Didn't find a drake sword... if it drops from the drake then that's a good reason why I didn't - I ran past the beasty. I was just using a rapier at this point. Thrust for the win! :P

      Class wise, rogue-ish but I really need armor so maybe just dex-knight? =)

  2. You get the sword by hitting the tail, with a bow from below, needed around 50 arrows. i haven't killed the drake either, I ran downstairs when I saw what he did to the hollows, I'll get him later.

    1. If I could work out how to aim a bow I'd probably not be shooting its tail - 50 times. :P

      But yeah, there's a lot of "I'll get you later" in this game!