Sunday 8 February 2015

The End-Times: Surrounded by the Dead

[This is part of The End-Times (Project Zomboid) story.]

Nick Hernandez, Construction Worker
Only by the grace of God am I still alive. Twice I had already been saved yesterday. Most of the zombies I had been fighting ran off to chase a speeding police car. Then, while resting in the evening I awoke in a sweat to one of the putas breaking in through the window to my bedroom! I killed him but broke my holy plank in the process. I know this is the word of God, telling me to move on. As if by fate I found a frying pan labelled "Jesus" which I now wield in his holy name. I don't have many resources other than this, so I will have to scrounge the nearby area for supplies and a suitable new home. I know that God will provide.

Earl Parker, Unemployed
Ohhh yeah... this is the life! Now where did I put that beer?

Shaun Jones, Security Guard (beginner)
Tired. So tired. I can't believe the rail tracks went nowhere. Now I'm following this long... endless road. Heard lots of gun shots followed by a woman's scream from the nearby forest, so I don't dare to stop. With this heat it is no surprise my water is running low. It would be ironic to die from something other than zombies in a zombie apocalypse. They're still around, but very few out here where I am passing. Easy enough to evade, and those that come close I put down with the old homestar runner.

The baseball bat, not the character.

Jennifer Reed, Police Officer (last stand)
I thought I could lose them by turning off the sirens in the forest, but it seems they've followed me all the way to the hunting cabin. I hear them all around and with night falling fast all I can do is get all my weapons ready and hold them off for as long... something is at the door. They're here!


Pistol's out of ammo ... there's more coming from the tree line... Shotgun was taking them down in groups but that's out of ammo too, I'm running for the kitchen to get a knife! Killed two more but they've cornered me in the attic, and I'm stabbing as many as I can while they come up the stairs...

Shit! The knife broke! Running to the nearby window and hopping out to the roof below. The bastards are still chasing me! I've got to jump down into... there's a sea of them down there! What do I do? I need to... Aaaaaaaahhhh!

*Zombie behind her pushes her off the roof into the mass of groaning flesh eaters below*

[Dead: Wave 7 - 83 zombies killed.]

Chuck Gray, Angry Fireman
Unbelievable. My AC unit doesn't work and the temperature is just rising. I've also somehow eaten all my food and read all those books I was reserving. What the hell is taking the army so long in getting this mess cleaned up? I'm going to have to risk sneaking to the next house. Damn, it's locked up tight. Hey, what's that sound? A helicopter!?


Are they blind!? I'll run out into the open so they see me!


I can't believe they are flying away. What bastards! They didn't even see when I threw those pots and pans at their helicopter! And... what's all the moaning around me? Oh. Great. Zombies. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU....

[Dead: 2 Days 3 Hrs]