Wednesday 11 February 2015

The End-Times: The Good News

[This is part of The End-Times (Project Zomboid) story.]

Shaun Jones, Security Guard (beginner)
I'm saved! I stumbled across a two story tavern called "I Has Beer" in the early morning, stocked with some food and lots of drink! After clearing out the few zeds within and taking a long nap in one of the windowless rooms through a thunderstorm. The next morning I decided to look around more and found a commercial district nearby leading me to think that there will be a lot of good stuff to loot on future runs, provided I can continue to avoid the undead.

I've begun building up the tavern as my base, planting a few crops across the parking lot outside. With any luck this might serve as my new home for a long while.

Nick Hernandez, Construction Worker
I found a small two story house and thankfully have enough drapes to cover all the windows. I know they won't stop the cabrones from getting in, but hopefully they will never know I am here, like a ninja sheep in a pack of impaired wolves. I've gathered quite a lot of food now so I'm cooking up a storm and gathering water in a few containers. By the grace of God, I will have enough to outlast the dead.

Earl Parker, Unemployed
The good news? Zombie disease isn't an STD!

Mmm sexy!

The bad news? I'm out of booze. Time to go looting the nearby houses. There better be some heavy drinkers in the area.


  1. I love these posts =) I haven't played PZ in a bit (waiting for the 'locks' to be put into game - I always hated I couldn't lock my own doors! Plus i have been knee deep in my Darkest Dungeon series.

    Still, I will be back at it soon =)

    1. Glad you are enjoying them Isey! Obviously they couldn't have happened without you giving me the game in the first place. :P