Sunday 15 February 2015

The End-Times: The Bad News

[This is part of The End-Times (Project Zomboid) story.]

Nick Hernandez, Construction Worker
The last house I tried to scavenge sounded an alarm, summoning the putas from all over. I am upset that I couldn't forage anything today, so instead just decided to begin digging up soil in the garden in preparation for seed planting, something I seem to have plenty of. In the process I collected some earthworms who now live in a burnt TV dinner inside the house. They may not say much but at least I have company.

Earl Parker, Unemployed
Damn it. Something came through house in the night, judging from the broken windows it just came through one side and walked out the other. Good thing I sleep upstairs with the dorm "harem". I wonder how I can fix the... OW... SHIT! Stupid stupid stupid! Now I've got a cut on my arm with tiny pieces of broken glass inside. It hurts like a biiiiiitch! Good thing there's a lot of spare clothes here I can tear up into bandages. I'd better do that before this gets infected.

Shaun Jones, Security Guard (beginner)
I couldn't sleep. The excitement was too much. Despite the rain, I decided to raid the school for supplies but got more than I bargained for when I was jumped by three zeds in the toilet. One of them managed to bite my ear! Fricking Mike Tyson zombie. I ran away and made it back to the tavern to rest, but when I awoke I was just feeling sick.

Ok, maybe it wasn't a zombie?

Now I'm back in the commercial district, quickly losing strength as I go through this line of shops looking for medicines. Already had to ditch a number of items from my pack just so I can walk! So far I've only found a fast food joint, a book shop and "Jewel's" beauty parlor where I am currently resting while writing this. Total BS. Why don't they have a clinic or something nearby? Well... I'm too tired to continue searching at the moment so I'm going to rest up here a little.

[Dead: 7 Days 8 Hrs]


  1. Amazing! =) That is the one single thing I feel is missing from the game - other HUMAN npcs. I'm sure the AI and what not would be really tough. We'll have to look into how the multiplayer aspect works - I'm not sure if there are ways to get an "always on" server or what not but it would be amazing if we managed to get some fans of the game into the same zombie world =)

    1. Not sure how sleeping would work in multiplayer... does that mean you just go AFK and leave the game running to get rid of tired moodles? :P

  2. GOod point =) I'll go read up on it and sort it out! I am sure they have thought of some of these issues =)