Sunday 8 February 2015

Attack on Titan: Tribute Game Tutorial Compilation

Since I posted this elsewhere today, I thought I should do it on my own blog too! :P

Feng Lee's Attack on Titan browser game is awesome, has lots of updates, and is doing so well that other people have decided to try make their own versions of it. If you don't know what Attack on Titan (aka Shingeki no Kyojin) is, then I suggest either watching the anime or reading the manga first to avoid spoilers.

You can play Feng Lee's game here.

Now, Feng's game does come with a steep learning curve though so I decided to compile a bunch of tutorials to hopefully make things easier for you. :)

A few tips from me first!

-You'll probably find your mouse goes crazy once actually in a game. Press "C" to toggle the camera until it is one you are comfortable with.

-Spacebar fires two un-aimed cables. Don't use it. Use Q and E to launch individual cables, or press both to launch simultaneous cables.

-You can alternate between Q and E to "walk" up a tree or the back of a titan. Remember: their only weakness is the back of the neck.

Ok, onto the video tutorials. I've tried my best to arrange them in order of easiest to what I think is the most difficult.

Characters Specials
Characters Stats 1.1
Titan Training Basics
Sparrow Strike
Spring Pocket Strike Part 1
Spring Pocket Strike Part 2
Air Equator

That's it! Hopefully we can meet up to save humanity some time! ^_~

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