Thursday 19 February 2015

The End-Times: Cold and Dark

[This is part of The End-Times (Project Zomboid) story.]

Nick Hernandez, Construction Worker
Managed to plant all the crops and scavenge some more food in this sudden cold break. At least the rains and thunderstorms should be good for the plants. Not sure how long until they bear fruit though. God willing, it will be soon. As of day 14 the power has stopped working, so I am thankful that I have cooked as much food as I could have and am now eating the things in the fridge before they spoil. Even if those go bad I have at least six cans of beans, numerous bags of chips and an assortment of chocolate to tide me over.

More worryingly I have noticed the downstairs tap has run out of water. I have built up a decent supply of it, but I don't know how long it will last. The large pots I previously used for soup certainly last me a few days but for some reason cannot catch rain water. To this end I am preparing a "travel bag" with some supplies should I be forced to move on from here but for the time being, quiet meditation and prayer has seen me this far, so I will stay until God tells me otherwise.

Earl Parker, Unemployed
The lights are out!? SHIIIIIT! Now I've got all this uncooked food that I don't have heat sources for. Worse, I've had no luck finding a needle, tweezers or thread to properly fix the cut on my arm. It isn't healing at all. I'm getting pretty good at bandaging it though, and washing the bloodied rags for reuse. Not much else I can do other than change the bandage.

As much as I dislike the idea, I'm gonna have to move on. There's simply not enough food here that I'm willing to eat. Uncooked chicken vs rotten vegetables? Fuck that. I'm out of here. Had my fun with the girls anyway. Typical, it decides to rain just as I'm a good distance away from the house. No going back now.


I'm exhausted, and now I find myself in some... fenced area as night falls. There's an office but it's locked up tight. No choice but to break the glass and gain another cut on my hand. Damnit! At least I can refill my water at the john, and peacefully eat my pack of chips in the upstairs office. I even find a new golf club and some shotgun shells. No shottie though.

Sleeping in an office chair is uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as realizing in the morning that I am in a rail yard, and it is crawling with zombies.

Not the hot kind either.

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