Monday, 23 February 2015

The End-Times: Peace and Quiet

[This is part of The End-Times (Project Zomboid) story.]

Nick Hernandez, Construction Worker
Just before opening the last can of beans I checked the garden and to my surprise found carrots ready to be harvested! In the following days the broccoli and potatoes too. I was having a feast of vegetable salads that improved my mood, only I knew now that I had over planted - and that much of the fresh produce would spoil eventually.

Maybe the plants can be turned into defensive weapons?

By God's grace I harvested seed-bearing crops, meaning I could plant again. This time using a cycle methodology, which despite getting mildew, flies and fungi still provide a sustainable food source with only rain water from the heavens to sustain it. My water is still conserved using only the neighboring house taps. While it is true that two of those houses are now "dry", they have sustained me here for three whole months. Furthermore, my base home itself still has water in the upper level that I am reserving for emergency, just like my as of yet unused "travel bag".

The zombies are still around. While I've only had to kill two who loitered too close to the garden in the last few months, I still hear machine gun fire and screaming in the night. For now I just have to be patient and quiet, and with prayer perhaps this storm will pass.

[Still alive: 3 Months - Stopped playing due to it becoming an Idle Game. Thanks for reading!]


  1. So is the series done or just Nick? =) I suppose at some point once you have food and water covered safely that it becomes pretty mundane. I suppose if they had seasons or more travelling zombies to spruce up the challenge. Amazing you made it 3 months!!

    1. Hehe thanks Isey! I think the series is done for now. I might revisit it again in the future though and see just how long Nick actually lasts. :P

  2. This game sounds intriguing! The way you describe it feels very immersive. :)

    1. Thanks Ravanel! I didn't get around to trying a multi-player server yet though. :)