Sunday, 24 August 2014

Riddick (2013)

[Post #25 of the Blaugust Challenge!]

This is actually the third film of the Riddick series, where we find antihero Vin Diesel abandoned on a remote planet inhabited by many awesome CGI creatures that all want to kill him. In a bid for freedom he decides to alert random bounty hunters to try come and get him while he basically makes a play to steal their spaceship to escape (he's a nice guy :P). It's also pretty funny that in the second "arc" of the movie it is Riddick who is the monster, with panicked bounty hunters getting taken down by the incredibly sneaky Furyan.

You might say that in some parts. :P

Plot wise it's ok, though due to it being action focused it is very light and some people do really stupid things. There are also some parts that may not make sense if you didn't watch the very good Pitch Black and less good Chronicles of Riddick but you get enough information to get by. Be warned, your questions of how he manages to be so sneaky will never be answered. With a decent amount of action, some comedy, a little bit of full frontal female nudity and a lot of very well done CGI monsters who have a decent budget and aren't afraid of broad daylight, I give it three and a half bullets out of five.

Blaugust Bonus: Like Riddick, I like to play as sneaky yet violent characters in games. My avatars usually have more hair though. My standard order of preference begins with someone that has a stealth mechanic followed by someone that can easily out range opponents with use only of conventional (world dependent) means. I like the idea of magic or super powers existing but that doesn't mean I want to be one of the people using them. In fantasy worlds this usually leads me to playing a rogue or ranger type. My least favorite classes are any that rely on "magic" (either for damage or healing) followed by the straight up fighters and tanks. Being able to stand toe to toe against a boss is nice, but being able to beat the same boss without ever being hit is even better.

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