Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tower Heist

[Post #21 of the Blaugust Challenge!]

Due to an issue of misplaced trust, a talented building manager (Ben Stiller) puts himself and his coworkers into a pretty dire situation. Some more dire than others. His eventual solution is to put a few of them in even more danger to try save everyone else. I'm glossing over most of the story here because while this movie is marketed as a comedy and there are funny moments in it, there's a fair amount of serious business going on too and for me it was surprisingly good (though slightly predictable). I don't really want to spoil it since it was one of the strongest elements, at least up to the part where the heist itself comes in.

It's in that last part where you will most have to go "it's just a movie" as there are some pretty unexplained plot holes. Mostly you will question the observation skills of all the security personel, but I suppose that's like asking why all the bad guys in action movies can't shoot straight. You'll enjoy it more if you don't think about it. :P

Relax, it's meant to be a comedy!

In regards to the acting quality: Alan Alda (you may know him from M.A.S.H.) is very old, but that doesn't detract from his ability at all. Indeed, he and Ben Stiller have the strongest and most memorable characters here  (best acted too) while almost everyone else gets a small question mark as to why they get involved in committing what I would think is a pretty big felony. That aside, this turned out to be better than I was expecting so I give it three and a half rooftop swimming pools out of five.

Blaugust Bonus: I am scared of large bodies of water, especially anything deeper than my height. It seems to always want to kill me and is definitely not my element. This doesn't stop me from going to the beach or frolicking in pools though. Just from the deep parts. It's a bit weird then that I enjoy the feeling of waves either on a boat or on the shallows of the shore. I also collect sea shells. I don't do anything with them so I don't actually know why I do that. :P

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