Friday, 1 August 2014

Flatlining Heartbeat: Wizardry Online

[My second Blaugust post!]

I didn't quite make it on at the appointed hour but I did manage to login early. There were no large "goodbye" parties (on the Bareaux Bareaux Server anyway) that I saw. No special events, no GM spawning stuff for one final hurrah. Just a rather quiet global chat where one or two people were giving their final goodbyes to their peers who I think, with lack of anything else to do, were still camping the Loitering Armor to up whatever final score or level they were keeping track of.

Myself, I decided to see how far I could run into the Azarm Trial grounds, a level 50 zone that people avoided for good reason. I do mean run in the literal sense too as everything there could one shot me, and dying meant evading the many reapers wandering the halls. Not that it really mattered though. After coming back from the shops I was greeted with this.

And that was the end of Wizardry Online.

Blaugust Bonus: Much like MMO developers keep an eye on player numbers, I've been keeping a rough count of how my blogroll on the right there is going. As I said near the beginning of the Newbie Bloggers Initiative, I would be constantly culling any blogs that failed to at least put up one post every four weeks. Now before I add the other Blaugust participants I don't yet have, I just wanted to ask if this is too aggressive? Why do I ask? During the NBI I had around 145 links over there as I added everyone and then some. I also had to shrink the list to only show the latest 25 (by default) since it was quite ludicrous to scroll down. As of this post only 77 remain. Is there a lot of silence out there or am I just not waiting long enough to listen?


  1. Don't see why that is harsh, it's your blog. You follow whomever you want, and remove whomever you want ? I'm sure if they had something really interesting to read - for you, you will chose to let them be there even tho they posted every other month? And there are bound to be a lot of "dropouts", there was a lot of dropouts last year as well. What is long to wait or not is for you to decide.

  2. Pretty much what Missy Mojo said. Personally, I always assumed there was this kind of silent rule between bloggers that which blogs one puts in their blogroll are the ones they enjoy reading and feel like sharing, regardless of how often said blogs are updated. Then if at any point they feel like taking said blogs out of their blogroll, for any reason, it is their business and nobody else's.

    So just do whatever makes it easier for you to manage your blogroll and make you happy. :)

    1. "Silent rule" indeed! That's why I thought I'd ask. Thanks Rakuno!