Tuesday 12 August 2014

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

[My thirteenth post of the Blaugust Challenge!]

Arnie is back from the future to once again save John Connor from a Skynet time travelling killer in the form of Kristanna Loken. Let's just ignore the huge plot holes of time travel (I'm sure you can think up of a few) and focus on the rest of the movie. Acting wise Claire Danes is great and everyone else is ok. Arnie does well as a machine and his humor works half the time which isn't bad. This incarnation of John Connor is passable too especially if you haven't seen any of the other Terminator movies for awhile.

Kristanna Loken doesn't really get a lot of lines and doesn't give off the threatening vibe but hey, as an assassin that might actually make sense. Convenient that the cops chose to ignore chasing her too, despite her killing one (I assume she did, or he got super lucky?) a few minutes after her arrival. My two favorite scenes are where we get to see the original, dinky looking terminators and a chase scene that involves a ton of property damage.

Ok, make that three favorite scenes. :P

All up it's a pretty fun action movie as long as you don't poke holes into the plot's thin fabric of space time. I give it three bullets out of five.

Blaugust Bonus: Hmm, since I'm running into writer's block I think I'll pick up one of Belghast's suggested topics today - If you were an NPC in a video game, what type of NPC would you be? I would be a rare, wandering boss type monster that is incredibly difficult to defeat. Possibly harder than the instanced bosses available. Warframe's "Stalker" opponent would be a pretty good example. He hunts down players who have recently killed a boss, can show up on any mission you do, will be 15 levels higher than the mission ranking and has a ton of cheap tricks (a mix of powers from different warframes) that can wipe out a team pretty easily. Also, you can never actually kill him.

Hurt him enough and he will vanish. The same if he defeats all the players once (ticking them off his list). Best of all is his intro. Since he's also a space ninja the only warning you get is flickering lights on the HUD and a change of music. If this happens in quick succession then you'd better pull your team together into a defensive position. Basically he is the Terminator of space! That "oh shit" moment is awesome, and one I'd like "NPC me" to emulate

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